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(04.05) which statement best describes the effect of replacing the function f(x) = 2x ? 2 with the function g(x) = 2x + 3? (1 point) select one: a. the graph shifts 1 units left. b. the graph shifts 5 units left. c. the graph shifts 1 unit right. d. the graph shifts 3 units right. Get the answer
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(04.06 hc) resident orcas live in coastal waters, while offshore orcas live in the open ocean and have a larger geographic range. the table below show


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(04.06 lc) which of the following describes fluid intelligence? a. knowledge through experience b. ability to reason, think, and solve problems c. se


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(04.06 lc) read the sentences and choose the best option. r it's three o'100 o't. don't the ladies still dress? select the adverb in the sentence. o