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(04.02 mc) a contractor is building a new subdivision on the outside of a city. he has started work on the first street and is planning for the other streets to run in a direction parallel to the first. the second street will pass through (1, 5). find the equation of the location of the second street in standard form. coordinate grid with a segment labeled street 1 that extends between the points negative 5 comma 6 and three comma negative 2; a point labeled street 2 is at 1 comma 5 x + y = 6 2x + y = 7 x ? y = 6 2x ? y = 7 Get the answer
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(04.02 mc) explain why the two figures below are similar. use complete sentences and provide evidence to support your explanation. (10 points) figure


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(04.02 mc) researchers claim that 10% of people are left handed. suppose the researchers' claim is true. mr. thomas has an algebra class with 25 stude


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(04.02 mc) which component is missing from the process of photosynthesis? carbon dioxide + + sunlight - glucose + oxygen light energy sugar plants wat