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"all you need is a bigger calculator or a computer. a computer would spit out the answer in no time." "are you sure?" "of course i'm sure." robert thought that the number devil was a bit too confident. maybe he was just bluffing. robert decided to take a chance and said, "you haven't tried it with 11 111 111 111 x 11 111 111 111 have you?" "no, can't say i have." "well, i bet it doesn't work." the number devil started doing the problem in his head, but his face turned bright red again and swelled up like a balloon. was it because he was angry, robert wondered, or because the problem was hard? —the number devil, hans magnus enzenberger what best describes the value of reading this text out loud more than once to improve fluency? how can you tell that the passage has dialogue? how can your reading show the two voices? which unique part of this text affects fluency? Get the answer
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"among social workers in selected u. s. urban areas, are the personality characteristics of need for structure or in-group preference related to preju


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"an occurrence at owl creek bridge" uses what technique as its main structure? a. crisis b. denouement c. flashback d. vignette


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"an olympic sprinter readies for a race. after the sound of the starting gun, he propels himself forward from the starting block and immediately grima