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(02.02 mc) eden is comparing and contrasting the characteristics of apples and oranges using a venn diagram. she doesn't know where she should put the characteristic "sphere shape." where is the correct place to put this characteristic in the venn diagram?a venn diagram with the first circle labelled apples and the second circle labelled oranges. characteristics in the apple circle are red, more fiber, and rose family. characteristics in the orange circle are orange, more vitamin c, and citrus family. where the two circles overlap, the characteristics are grow on trees and fruit. the apple circle leave it off outside of the venn diagram the orange circleplz help Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

(02.02)a beverage is made by mixing 3 parts of water with 5 parts of fruit juice. how many parts of water are mixed with 1 part of fruit juice? 3 over


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

(02.02)angle a measures 50 degrees. if angle a is rotated 45 degrees, what is the measure of angle a'? 45 degrees 50 degrees 95 degrees 180 degrees


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(02.02)at the fast-pack it shipping, the employees can unload 25 trucks in 5 hours. which of the following is a correct unit rate for this situation?