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(01.02 mc)the number line shows the distance in meters of two jellyfish, a and b, from a predator located at point x: write an expression using subtraction to find the distance between the two jellyfish. (5 points)show your work and solve for the distance using additive inverses. (5 points) Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

(01.02 mc)which of the following uses absolute value correctly to show the distance between -30 and 16? 01-30 - 161 = 1-46] = -46 units 1-30 - 161 =


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

(01.02 mc)which statement best explains the value of 16 -(-3)? the additive inverse of -3 is -3, so 16-(-3) = 19. the additive inverse of -3 is -3,


Abraham Uilleam 1 Hours ago

(01.02) cory earns $22 for every lawn he mows and $6 for every hedge he trims. he uses the expression 22x + 6y to keep track of his earnings. part a