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(01.02 hc)morris is showing his work in simplifying (?6.7 + 4.3) ? 1.2. step 1: (4.3 ? 6.7) ? 1.2 step 2: 4.3 ? (6.7 + 1.2) step 3: 4.3 ? (7.9) step 4: ?3.6 which statement is true? in step 1, morris used the commutative property. in step 2, morris used the distributive property. in step 3, morris used the associative property. in step 4, morris's answer is incorrect. Get the answer
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(01.02 lc) which of the following is true about the mass of an object? it decreases if weight increases. it cannot be measured accurately. it is the


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(01.02 lc) a segment is created from points a and b. to copy segment ab, which of the following needs to be identified for the construction? the dista


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(01.02 mc) the distance, d(t), in feet, a bug has traveled is shown in the graph. a coordinate plane with a function d of t consisting of a line sta