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"access to these databases is offered to the public or selected outside individuals, for a fee. a) data warehouses b) commercial databases c) company databases d) distributed databases": commercial databases 2."a collection of related fields such as a person's name, address, and age. a) character b) record c) field d) file": record 3."a data field that represents a description or characteristic of some entity. a) character b) attribute c) record d) entity": attribute 4."a field that uniquely identifies each record. a) id b) primary key c) common d) numeric": primary key Get the answer
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Valko Tomer 55 Minutes ago

"according to new growth? theory, . a. prosperity will last but growth will not last because eventually the real interest rate? falls, which slows the


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

"achondroplasia is a form of dwarfism that is inherited in humans as an autosomal dominant disorder. a survey in a small country showed that, within a


Torquil Vilhelm 1 Hours ago

"actions speak louder than words," is an example of an idiom. idioms are words, phrases or expressions used in everyday conversation to make languag