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$700 each; \$4.00 minor electric has received a special one - time order for light fixtures ( units ) at $ 6 per unit minor currently produces and sells 6,000 units at . this level represents 75 % of its capacity . production costs for these units are $ 6.00 per unit , which includes variable cost and $ 2.00 fixed cost . to produce the special order , a new machine needs to be purchased at a cost of $ 500 with a zero salvage value management expects no other changes in costs as a result of the additional production if minor wishes to earn $ 700 on the special order , the size of the order would need to be Get the answer
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$900 or less. a member of the hotel's accounting staff noticed that the total charges for guest bills have been increasing in recent months. the accou


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$9500 is invested, part of it at 11% and part of it at 8%. for a certain year, the total yield is $937.00. how much was invested at each rate


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$986 in revenue for a play. tickets for the play cost $10 for adults and $6 for students. the number of students attending the play was latex: \frac{3