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$10 paypal 57 points now that you have read two excerpts from arthur miller’s the crucible, consider the time period, the shocking accusations made towards innocent people, and the horrible events that led to the deaths of those innocent people. writing task choose one of the following writing prompts to answer in a well developed paragraph of at least 7 to 10 sentences. your response should be based on the play the crucible and the time period in which it was written. john proctor admits to the court that he has committed adultery with abigail williams. abigail is the ring leader in the town of salem for a group of girls who accuse innocent people of witchcraft to hide their own guilt. abigail is hoping that by accusing elizabeth proctor of witchcraft and having her locked up in jail, abigail will be able to take elizabeth’s place as john proctor’s wife. consider the position john proctor takes by standing in front of the court admitting to his crime of adultery, knowing he will be jailed for the crime. why would he admit to this crime even though the consequences during this time period would be a jail sentence? the court wants elizabeth proctor to plead with john to admit guilt to witchcraft, but he refuses. does admitting to adultery mean admitting to a lesser crime than witchcraft? reverend hale is first invited to salem by reverend parris because parris's daughter, betty, has become sick and will not wake up. reverend hale arrives in salem as an expert in witchcraft and is welcomed by some of the townspeople. he begins to examine the villagers, looking for signs of witchcraft. eventually judges are called to the town to lead the trials of those accused. at one point in the story, reverend hale quits the court and leaves the town of salem. he returns when he hears of the upcoming execution of john proctor. hale pleads with elizabeth proctor to go to her husband, john, and beg him to admit he is guilty of witchcraft to help save his life. why has reverend hale changed his mind about wanting people to admit to witchcraft even when innocent to save their lives? Get the answer
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$100,000 of excess cash and is considering the purchase of some real estate. the land will cost your firm $100,000 today, but you hope that in a year


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$1000 was deposited at 5% simple interest when samantha was born. what is the simple interest if she is 12 years old? and what would it be after 12 ye


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$1024 invested into an account that pays 1.56% interest compounded daily for 4 years. a) what is the value of the investment after 4 years? b) how m