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#4 marta y jorge 4a pg. 186-187 question 2 of 2 | page 3 of 3 show instructions objectives read, listen to, and understand information about • toy's • playing with other children • on the first part, make sure you only write the name of the item in english (truck, car, doll, etc) • on the second part, make sure you read the story or listen to it to answer. answer by writting the name of the person beeing described. write it correctly in spanish • points will be take of as of now. 4/23/2020 • you are no longer getting full credit. question 2 (50 points) ¿emilia, marta o jorge? escuchar escucha las descripciones y escribe el nombre de la persona que corresponde a cada descripción write the name of the person being describe Get the answer
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#41. round your answer to the nearest tenth#42#43.round the answer to the nearest tenth.#44 round the answer to the nearest tenth.


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#47. mercantilism is defined as a. economic theory designed to increase a nation's wealth through the development of commercial industry and favorabl


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#4: explain whether each of the following transactions results in a valid negotiation: arnold gives a negotiable check payable to bearer to betsy wi