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The solution time is much shorter than you think.

#2. an unsaturated solution will become more concentrated if you add more solute. decreasing the total volume of water in the solution also increases the solution's concentration. consider a solution made by dissolving 20 g kci in 100 g of water at 40 c. a. draw a model of this solution b. suppose that while the solution was kept at 40 c, one-fourth of the water evaporated i. draw a model of this final solution and describe how it differs from your model of the original solution ii. how much water must evaporate at this temperature to create a saturated solution? Get the answer
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#28. which is not an ideal form of governance according to aristotle? a. monarchy b. polity c. oligarchy d. aristocracy


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#2: tell whether the function below is linear or exponential. y = 4 • 2^x answers o linear o exponential


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#2: which function represents the given graph?* 37 6 4. 2 -2 0 2. 4