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"a new customer opens an account and buys a variable annuity contract, investing $20,000. 90 days later, the client calls and tells the representative that he wants to surrender the contract. the representative explains that this is not a good idea, since there will be a high surrender fee of 8% imposed. the client tells the representative that he does not care about the surrender fee and that he wants the net proceeds wired to an account at a bank in another country. what should the representative do?" Get the answer
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Torquil Vilhelm 55 Minutes ago

"a plant system must balance its need for water with its need for carbon dioxide and oxygen. if too much water is lost, the stomata will close. how do


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"a portfolio is invested 45 percent each in stock a and stock b and 10 percent in stock c. what is the expected risk premium on the portfolio if the e


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"a public bus company official claims that the mean waiting time for bus number 14 during peak hours is less than 10 minutes. karen took bus number 14