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"you, the lightning rumbler, shall have charge of the clouds and the water. you, sky boy, i leave in charge of the sky. earth daughter, you are to look after the crops of our people; and you, the boy, must care for their health and guide them." he then called the girl to him and placed her in charge of all. read the excerpt from “the north american indian apache mythology-creation myth.” based on this excerpt, readers can conclude that the apaches live in female-only communities. have a council of elders that leads the tribe. believe different gods rule the elements. view the sky as more important than the earth. Get the answer
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"your task this week is to create your favorite dessert in desmos" at least three parabolas by restricting the domain or range"


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"youth is a blunder, manhood is a struggle and old age is a regret." express your views on the above statement. eight pages minimum


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"zero turbulence airline provides air transportation services between los angeles, california, and kona, hawaii. a single los angeles to kona round-tr