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"... one statement of confucius ... occurs twice in the analects: 'when a man's father is alive, look at the bent of his will; when his father is dead, look at his conduct. if for three years he does not change from his father's way, he may be called filial [loyal to his parents].'... zhu xi interprets this passage in the following way: 'when a man's father is alive, he should observe his father's will, not acting on his own, and his will can be known according to his father's will. when his father is dead, his own conduct can be seen, and he can be judged by his own conduct whether he himself is good or not. he may be called filial, however, only when he must not change from his father's way for three years; otherwise he may not be called filial even if his conduct itself is good.'... one should unconditionally carry on in the manner of one's father for three years in order to feel at ease in one's heart." -qingping liu, philosophy east & west which main principle of confucianism is being discussed in this passage? a. loyalty to one's government c. loyalty to religion b. loyalty to one's self d. loyalty to one's parents Get the answer
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"...proudly he pulled as of old, though more than once he cried out involuntarily from the bite of his inward hurt." what example of figurative langua


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"0. the area of a square picture frame is 55 square inches. find the length of one side of the frame, explain parta part b to the nearest whole inch