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"pet pig farm." marcy wanted to buy lucy's land and use it to breed small pigs to be kept as pets. marcy told lucy that having water on the property was very important although she did not mention to lucy her plan to breed small pigs. lucy assured her that a spring ran through one corner of the property. therefore, marcy agreed to buy the farm. marcy, who loved pigs, assumed that the neighbors would be pleased with the pigs being in the area. lucy also agreed to sell marcy a used truck for $5,000. after the contract for the land sale was entered into, marcy had a land survey done, and it was discovered that actually the spring did not run through the corner of lucy's property. the area in which the spring ran actually belonged to a neighbor. additionally, when lucy brought marcy the used truck, marcy said, "that's not the truck!" it was discovered that lucy, who had two trucks, thought that marcy had bought the older truck although marcy thought she had purchased the newer truck. marcy was also surprised when she received a petition signed by all surrounding landowners objecting to the presence of the pigs and threatening to sue marcy for nuisance. it will cost marcy more than she had agreed to pay lucy in order for marcy to obtain a similar farm which actually has a spring on it. assuming that lucy innocently made a misrepresentation regarding the spring running through the corner of the farm with no reason to believe that was not correct, considering only the lack of a spring issue, which of the following is true if marcy does not want to go through with the sale of the farm? a. marcy may rescind the contract and recover compensatory damages. b. marcy may rescind the contract, but she may not recover damages. c. marcy may sue for damages, but she may not rescind the contract. d. marcy may rescind the contract, or she may keep the contract and sue for damages. e. marcy has no remedy based on an innocent misrepresentation based on the theory that she should have checked ore closely before entering into the contract. Get the answer
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"pre-columbian" is a term used to describe: o a. differences between native american and european cultures. b. conditions in north and south america


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"presidential candidate gives uncool speech" why doesn't the headline sound credible? o a. it doesn't give the name of the candidate. o b. it leaves o


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"princess tower" in dubai is considered the world's tallest residential building, towering to 101 floors! t(n) models the number of tenants living on