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"neanderthals were much more like man than thought", if today we meet a neanderthal face to face: (choose the correct option) * a. i would recognize it because they were taller and stronger than human beings. b. they could only live in europe and no one would notice. c. i couldn't recognize it because they were so much like us. choose the correct option. the stone age is divided into neolithic and paleolithic, then.. a. neanderthals worked stone and some metals. b. neanderthals lived until the neolithic because they discovered agriculture. c. neanderthals had great knowledge of stoneworking techniques. choose the correct option a. neanderthals and humans are the same b. between neanderthals and humans there is a minimal difference. c. humans were the only ones who made paintings. Get the answer
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"new questions and concerns about the safety and quality of our food seem to arise every day. "what is in our food?" "where was it grown?" "is it heal


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"newport corp. is considering the purchase of a new piece of equipment. the cost savings from the equipment would result in an annual increase in cash


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"niagara at most should be my furthest post in that quarter... by this means we may keep up a trade with the most distant nations, retain their good