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"mark took a long look around his room. he looked at all the baseball cards he collected. he looked at the action figures he used to play with. he looked at the posters on the wall. he looked at the bed that seems far too small now. he looked out the window at the park where he used to play baseball. it all looked so small now." what is the issue with this creative writing? a. there are no issues b. it lacks a variety of sentence structure c. it needs to be proofread d. it is full of clichés best selection Get the answer
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"masters, hardy, and rowen are dissolving their partnership. their partnership agreement allocates income and losses equally among the partners. the c


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"may george, beloved by all the nations round, live with heav'ns choicest constant blessings crown'd!" wheatley uses the word crown’d to express the


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"may i have the car keys?" is a familiar refrain to many parents of teenagers, and although it is almost a cliché for older adults, it may come as a 1