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02. read this quotation from paragraph 1. "i'd seen the lines of dirt in theblack shoe-creases, the worn-down heels, the shine on the jacket sleeves,the glint of desperation in his eyes." this description of the salespersonshows that the narrator feels- *o f. appreciation for the salespersong: pity for the salespersonh: frustration toward the salespersonj: suspicious of the salesperson Get the answer
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02.04 gather and organize you will complete an informational research chart for a cause-and-effect article by gathering and organizing information fro


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02.04 researching and organizing information you will complete an informational research chart for a problem/solution article by gathering information


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02.05 mc) which of the following is not something guild members did together? (5 points) select one: a. helped establish trading territories in urban