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01.05 compare and contrast organizer part 1 comparison/contrast of mediums text medium differences audio medium differences similarities pace character mood write your claim here: part 2 write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the text medium and the audio medium of “the tell-tale heart,” analyzing how the pace, character, and mood varied within each medium and how these differences affected you. use the ideas from your organizer to write your paragraph. introduction sentence: write the title, author, and your claim. body: write about how the pace, character, and mood affected you in each medium. conclusion sentence: restate your ideas about your claim. body—write about how the pace, character, and mood affected you in each medium. Get the answer
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01.06 lc) which of the following explains the relationship between angles a and d? lines jk and jm intersect at point j, creating four angles identif


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01.06) a rectangular cardboard has dimensions. as shown. the length of the cardboard can be found by dividing its area by its width. what is the lengt


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01.07 11. select the sentence that corrects the error below: she might have came to the party if he had went home earlier. (10 points) she might hav