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01. how should a rester analyze indirect characterization? check all that apply. by choing adjectives that provide detalls describing the character byroong how the character interacts with other characters by cicing details about what the character says, does, and thinks by chong how the other characters perceve the character boyning the content, and use it to make inferences about the character by sing statements the narrator makes about the character's personality by statements the narratch makes about the character's appearance Get the answer
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01. list and describe some major changes that were brought about by the muslims in the social and cultural traditions of the subcontinent. use the re


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01. which arm of trna can act as a binding site for ribosomes? 02. cellular dna is considered much more stable than the rna because of: -anti-paralle


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01.02 mc) read the following passage carefully before you choose your answer. mrs. jennings was a widow, with an ample jointure.1 she had only two da