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00 3-2 checking accounts 12. justin nucci listed these items on his deposit slip: (bills) 8 one-hundreds, 27 fifties, 83 fives, 141 ones; (coins) 13 quarters, 117 nickels; (checks) $317.94, $57.89, $527.24 and $77.49. he received cash back of 30 twenties and 11 tens. what total deposit did he make? 603 120] chapter 3 banking Get the answer
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00 a crane is lowering a 50 kg box. if the crane lowers the box at a constant speed, what is the tension fr in the cable? a 350 n b 400 n c 460 n d 50


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00 directions: select the correct text in the passage. which sentence is written in passive voice? nelson mandela nelson mandela, a famous civil right


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00 pmtwo different websites offer the same watch for sale. the watch costs $45 on both sites. the site, watches for less charges ashipping fee of 4% o