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0 question 5 if the height of the parallelogram shown is decreased by 1 inch and the base is decreased by 2 inches, what is the area of the new parallelogram? 10 in i 8 in 14 in a. 84 in2 x 6. 104 in? c.78 in2 d. 108 in back to assessments Get the answer
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Ehud Raghnall 55 Minutes ago

0 which dot plot has the least number of sites represented? buba herring zobra mer of sites number of sites number of blueback harring number of zebra


Hedda Galya 1 Hours ago

0 divided by 0 a 0 b nothing c none of above please select the best answer from the choices provided a b c


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

0 feet below the waters surface 80 feet belwo the waters surface 240 feet below the waters surface 320 feet below the waters surface