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"it was a revolution that would forever change the economies of the world. this revolution would move agriculture beyond subsistence farming to generate the kinds of surpluses needed to feed thousands of people working in factories because of the industrial revolution, instead of in agricultural fields. this shift brought about a revolution which was composed of a series of innovations, improvements, and techniques in great britain, the netherlands, denmark, and other european countries. the colombian exchange introduced new crops that came into europe from trade with the americas, including corn and potatoes. farmers increase the size of their farms, piecing together more contiguous parcels of land, fenced in land, and instituted field crop rotation. methods of soil preparation, fertilization, and harvesting improved." what major innovation helped to shape and spread the second agricultural revolution? a) automobiles b) the railroad c) the seed drill d) new central banks Get the answer
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"it was funny to see aunt rose, at her age, acting as giddy as a june bride." which type of figurative language is used in this statement?


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"it was such an exciting game," your friend insists. "we were all shouting and clapping together, everyone was in sync. when our team won, i realized


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"it's a horrific and tragic scene," slinkard said. he added that the two deceased individuals could have been murdered by this suspect "within approxi