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. unique games, a not-for-profit entity organized to provide athletic competition opportunities for high school students, utilizes a number of volunteers in carrying out its mission. at the 2018 games 50 volunteers provided a total of 1000 hours of service performing tasks such as picking up litter and delivering water to the athletes. a local cpa firm donates its services to prepare the annual tax return and other federal and state required paperwork which must be filed to maintain its status as a tax-exempt organization. during 2018 the cpa firm provided 60 hours of service. if purchased, the cpa services would have cost $60 per hour and the game workers would have cost $6 per hour. how much contributed service revenue should simplex games recognize in 2018? a. $6,000. b. $3,600. c. $3,000. d. $0 Get the answer
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. using the code letters below, indicate how each of the items listed would be handled in preparing a bank reconciliation. enter the appropriate code


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. v = ?r3 v = ?(9)3 v = ?(729) v = 972? cubic units is noah’s work correct? explain. yes, noah’s calculations are correct. no, noah did not simplify c


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. vocabulary: for the next five questions, choose the vocabulary word that best fits the context of the sentence. you may have to change the form of t