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. two women in an aerobics class stop to take their pulse and find that they have the same pulse. one woman is years older than the other and is working at the upper limit of her target heart rate zone. the younger woman is working at the lower limit of her target heart rate zone. what are the ages of the two? women, and what is their? pulse? the age of the younger woman is approximately 22 22 years and that of older woman is approximately 57 57 years. ?(round to the nearest integers as? needed.) their pulse is approximately Get the answer
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. una varilla de cobre de coeficiente de dilatación 1,4*10-5 °c -1 , tiene una longitud de 1.20 metros a una temperatura ambiente de 18 ?c . ¿cuál ser


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. uncollectible sales 2. mistakes in shipping orders to customers 3. crediting customer payments to the wrong account 4. theft of customer payments 5.


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. unique games, a not-for-profit entity organized to provide athletic competition opportunities for high school students, utilizes a number of volunte