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. two rods, with masses ma and mb having a coefficient of restitution, e, move along a common line on a surface, figure 2.a) find the general expression for the velocities of the two rods after impact.(7 marks)b) if ma = 2 kg, m3 = 1 kg, vo= 3 m/s, and e = 0.65, find the value of the initialvelocity v4 of rod a for it to be at rest after the impact and the final velocity vbof rod b.(4 marks)c) find the magnitude of the impulse for the condition in part b. (3 marks)d) find the percent decrease in kinetic energywhich corresponds to the impact in(3 marks)part b. Get the answer
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. un turist a parcurs un traseu în trei zile. în prima zi turistul a parcurs 40% din lungimea traseului, în a doua zi turistul a parcurs 5 6 din dista


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. una varilla de cobre de coeficiente de dilatación 1,4*10-5 °c -1 , tiene una longitud de 1.20 metros a una temperatura ambiente de 18 ?c . ¿cuál ser


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. uncollectible sales 2. mistakes in shipping orders to customers 3. crediting customer payments to the wrong account 4. theft of customer payments 5.