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"in the years between 1815 and 1848, two rival political programs appeared, reflecting rival sets of hopes. some americans felt largely satisfied with their society the way it was, slavery and all, especially with the autonomy it provided to so many individual white men and their local communities. they wanted their familiar america extended across space. other americans, however, were beguiled by the prospect of improvement to pursue economic diversification and social reform, even at the risk of compromising some precious personal and local independence. they envisioned qualitative, not just quantitative, progress for america." explain this passage from daniel walker howe in a more or less narrative style essay. what are these "rival political programs," what specifically did they want america to look like, and in what ways did they advocate for their respective visions? furthermore, what is the difference between "qualitative" and "quantitative" progress and how do they differ? finally, how does the civil war, and it's lead up, figure in these conflicting visions? Get the answer
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"inaugural address." select the correct answer. which words from the passage support the speaker's optimistic to from inaugural address by john f. ke


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"indian camp" questions nick’s father probably had several reasons for wanting to take nick along on this trip to the indian camp. speculate on what t


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"infant safe haven laws" provide all of the following except a. protection to unwanted babies from being abandoned or endangered b. protection to the