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. it was a very freaky weather day. the temperature started out at 7?c in the morning and went to -15?c at noon. it stayed at that temperature for eight hours and then rose 8?c. how far below the freezing point (0?c) was the temperature at 8 p. m.? Get the answer
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. joanne does a daily walk from building p to building q. given point p(6,9) and point q(5,-4), what is the distance between points p and q on this ca


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. john makes a commission of 2% when a house is sold by his company. how much money will john make as commission if his company sells the house for $3


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. juana va al supermercado y compra 7/4 kg de carne, 1/2 kg de arroz, 3/5 kg de fruta y 1/3 kg de papa. ¿cuántos kilogramos de mercado compró juana?