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. communication your cell phone company offers two text-messaging plans. one plan costs $.25 per text message, plus a monthly fee of $9. the other plan costs $.40 per text message with no monthly fee. for how many text messages will both plans cost the same amount? reasoning if you use about 80 text messages each month, which plan should you choose? explain. Get the answer
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. complete the short answers: kample: a: was nick at your college? b: no, he wasn't a: were they at the zoo? b: yes, a: was the test easy? b: yes, a


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. complete the statement below that outlines save the squirrels' ubit, assuming it agrees to identify animal feed as a major supporter and to include


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. compute the unit (per visitor) costs for the two tour types (student and donor) assuming tcm uses the current cost system. (do not round intermediat