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. arrest or custody - “miranda rights” administered - parents/guardians notified - release or detained 2. probable cause hearing - must be within 48 hours of custody - must be notified of charges, offered opportunity to an attorney - judge decides whether youth is to be released or detained 3. adjudicatory hearing - must be ten days or less for detained youth, 60 days or less for released youth - evidence is presented by both sides before a judge (no jury) - judge decide guilt or innocence 4. dispositional hearing - judges decides punishment/consequences - often immediately after adjudicatory hearing - can transfer to superior court if a serious felony which section best refers to the right of the accused juvenile to "remain silent"" Get the answer
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. assuming the workers can shift to the production of the new tmp-20 thermostat while maintaining the same average efficiency, regardless of which ass


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. at medina middle school, 28 out of 350 the students ride bikes to school. at rachel carson school, 40 out of 500 students ride the bikes to school?


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. at a clothing store, 12 people purchased blue sweaters, 8 purchased green sweaters, 4 purchased gray sweaters, and 7 purchased black sweaters. if yo