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. an extremely large sink hole has opened up in a field just outside of the city limits. it is difficult to measure across the sink hole without falling in so you use congruent triangles. you have one piece of rope that is 50 ft. long and another that is 70 ft. long. you pick a point on one side of the sink hole and on the other side. you tie a rope to each spot and pull the rope out diagonally back away from the sink hole so that the two ropes meet at point . then you recreate the same triangle by using the distance from and and creating new segments and . the distance is 52.2 ft. Get the answer
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. ana tiene el triple de edad que su hijo jaime. dentro de 15 años, la edad de ana será el doble que la de su hijo. ¿cuántos años más que jaime tiene


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. analyze many ideas are passed from generation to generation. how might premila’s teacher have passed on a prejudice to her students? what values did


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. analyze how the author supports the claim that "getting married didn't solve their problems; it only created new ones.