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. acme parts runs a small factory and employs workers who are paid one of three hourly rates depending on their shift: first shift, $17 per hour; second shift, $18.50 per hour; third shift, $22 per hour. each factory worker might work any number of hours per week; any hours greater than 40 are paid at one and one-half times the usual rate. in addition, second- and third-shift workers can elect to participate in the retirement plan for which 3% of the worker’s gross pay is deducted from the paychecks. write a program that prompts the user for hours worked and shift, and, if the shift is 2 or 3, whether the worker elects the retirement. display: (1) the hours worked, (2) the shift, (3) the hourly pay rate, (4) the regular pay, (5) overtime pay, (6) the total of regular and overtime pay, and (7) the retirement deduction, if any, and (8) the net pay. save the file as acmepay. java. Get the answer
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. after reading to a kindergarten class at the library, tobey gives out stickers. he has 9 zoo animal stickers and 16 scratch-n-sniff stickers. if tob


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. air at 200 c blows over a 50 cm x 75 cm plain carbon steel (aisi 1010) hot plate with a constant surface temperature of 2500 c. the convection heat


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. ajusta las siguientes ecuaciones químicas por el método del sistema de ecuaciones. a. h2 s (g) +o2 (g) so2 (g) + h2 o (g) b. hcl (aq) + al (s) alcl3