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. there are two more students in the art class than in my math class. 1. letxequal the number of students in mrs. antonellis' math class. using x, write an expression for the number of students in each class. a computer b. gym math math computer gym 10 10 20 20 120-612520 34 34 x x Get the answer
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. use the table provided to find an exponential model ƒ(x) = ab^x, where ƒ is the population of arizona, and the input is the number of years since 2


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. using partial quotients, which would be the best choice for the first number to subtract in the division problem 673 divided by 25?none of these is


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. what are the possible offspring outcomes if parent 1, tt , crosses with parent 2, tt ? tt , tt tt , tt all tt