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. read this excerpt from a student’s essay that compares and contrasts earth to mars. what points are being compared about the subjects? in the entire solar system, mars boasts general features that are some of the biggest, widest, and deepest. one of its standouts is the immense olympus mons, a volcano of such size and scale that its own peak reaches above most of the martian atmosphere. olympus mons could not even exist on earth; with earth's stronger gravity field, the massive volcano would collapse under its own weight if it were here. the martian giant rises about 23 kilometers from the surrounding plains. on earth, the closest thing resembling this volcanic giant is the mauna loa peak on hawaii, which rises about 10 kilometers from its base on the floor of the pacific ocean. both of these mountains are dramatically taller than the himalayan mt. everest. but mt. everest is not a volcano; both mauna loa and olympus mons are. Get the answer
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. sean is 5 years old and has just been diagnosed with diabetes. he will have to take insulin injections the rest of his life in order to regulate hi


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. serenity has a points card for a movie theater. she receives 80 rewards points just for signing up. she earns 11.5 points for each visit to the mov


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. shakespeare most often used sonnets to express which emotion between characters? love happiness grief anger