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-p ninhleantara yang berikut, yang manakah merupakanfungsi struktur yang berlabel p?which of the following is the function of the structure labelledp?a mengawal semua aktiviti sel.controls all the activities of the cell.b menghasilkan tenaga untuk tindak balas.generates energy for reactions.c menyimpan bahan-bahan terlarut untukkegunaan sel.stores dissolved substances for the cell use.d mengawal pergerakan bahan ke dalam dan keluar sel.controls the movement of substances into and out of thecell. Get the answer
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-ready ask questions about stories - quiz level c kd) which detail helps answer the question about rica's problem? add the detaliate the chart. ques


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-ready find percent of a number - instruction - level f • one serving of ninja-o's cereal contains 2596 of the daily recommended amount of calcium. th


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-realizar un escrito reflexivo minimo de 5 renglones respondiendo las siguientes preguntas ¿qué es ser afrocolombiano? y teniendo en cuenta que en el