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--vulaung standard deviation try it the average january surface water temperatures (°c) of lake michigan from 2000 to 2009 were 5.07, 3.57, 5.32, 3.19 3.49 4.25. 3.94 and 4.34. the data set has the following statistics x = 4.312 o2 = 0.577 what is the standard deviation? round to the nearest thousandth 0.333 0.760 2.077 18.593 intro Get the answer
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-. describe the story of sigemund. what purpose does the comparison betwee beowulf and sigemund serve? the comparison between beowulf and heremod?


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-. during an experiment, a chemical reaction caused a small explosion which resulted in light injury to aisyah. dina happened to be at her side durin


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-. in ms. nice's class of 9 students, the average on the last math test was a 94. a new student recently entered the class and scored a 99 on the exa