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- help fast - which of the following arguments is supported by the demographics of families in the work force? o the money spent on goods has increased, because family sizes are larger than they were one hundred years ago. o the price for housing is still unstable, regardless of the number of people living in a household. o the money spent on clothes is increasing and is becoming a serious problem for families. o the price of farm equipment is decreasing, causing food to become less expensive over the past one hundred years. Get the answer
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- help!! question is provided in the attachment. * irrelevant / random answers will be reported! arigato in advance! :d?


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

- how did the united states gain the northwest territory? a in a war with mexico b. as part of the treaty of paris c. in a war with canada d by buyin


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- how does zinn's assessment of us history correlate with either the federalist or republican arguments? in other words, would zinn favor one or the