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*edited to see both diagrams* meant to say biology not mathin class, malik and deniz were learning about evolution. they studied the two diagrams below.diagram a shows four animals as embryos: a fish, an amphibian, a bird, and a human. diagramb shows these animals as adults.molik and deniz noticed that all four organisms have gill slits in their embryonic stage and madethe following statementsmalik said, "i think all four organisms have a common ancestor because they all share acommon characteristic, gill slits, in the embryonic stage."deniz said, "i dont think they all descended from a common ancestor, because when theyare adults, they do not all have gills or share many other similar physical characteristics."1. who do you agree with? include information about the evolution in your response. [3] Get the answer
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*extra pts* please solve the low and high training zones for a twelve year old student in mr. smith's p. e. class with a resting heart rate of 72 beat


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*earth science question* uses an array of mirrors to allow the collection of more light* a. reflecting b. refracting c. multiple mirror d. ccd


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*easy question 15 points* find the value of x in the isosceles triangle shown below. x=square root of 116 x=7 x=square root of 68 x=6