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*asap* read the paragraphs. the concerns about sending people to mars are definitely worth considering. for one thing, the mission will cost billions of dollars. this would be a huge additional cost at a time when national debts continue to skyrocket. also, that money could help fix problems here on earth. mars may have valuable resources. the earth’s resources are already starting to dwindle, and our population continues to grow. finding resources on mars could provide much-needed relief for the overstressed ecosystems of earth. what is the best way to connect the paragraphs? deleting the last sentence of the first paragraph deleting the first sentence of the second paragraph adding a transition at the beginning of the second paragraph adding another sentence with evidence at the end of the first paragraph Get the answer
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*bio* how are chemical and physical properties of amino acids different? the r groups of the amino acid are different. some amino acids do not have


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*can someone help me asap please* if h(x) represents a parabola whose turning point is at (-3,7) and the function f is defined by f(x)=-h(x+2), then


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*click image* hello! currently in need of help on a math assignment that is due in a hour, tysm if you help out with the answer i really appreciate i