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**please help** each branch of the military supports a criminal investigative law enforcement agency or detachment. some of these agencies are staffed by civilians, while others are staffed by enlisted personnel, officers, or a combination of all three. select one of the military investigative services you studied, and describe its purpose, the composition of its personnel, and the types of crimes it investigates. a small paragraph would be fine (deadline 5/25/2020) Get the answer
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**please help** —find the value of the discriminant & state the number and type of roots. 1) 7x^2-3x=-6 2) 25x^2+20x+4=0


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**please quickly **a circuit has a resistance of 250 and is powered by a 120 v battery the current in the circuit, to the nearest tenth, is ?.


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**pls help** james bought 22 candy bars for $137. if king size candy bars cost $8 and regular size cost $5, how much of each candy bar did he buy? o