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**20 points** asap how does the use of greywater differ from water reclamation? a. if collected separately, greywater can be used for certain applications without treatment. b. greywater use is more costly than water reclamation. c. water obtained from water reclamation processes can be used for drinking, while greywater cannot. d. greywater has been mixed with sewage while water used in water reclamation is derived from cleaning water. Get the answer
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**50 points** determine whether the trinomial is a perfect square. if so, factor it. if not, explain why. n^2 + 72n + 36


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**50 points** in an experiment, hydrochloric acid reacted with different volumes of sodium thiosulfate in water. a yellow precipitate was formed durin


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**50 points** help giving all the points i can. physics virtual lab report: circuit design i'm short on time and i need to get this done now, please h