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) calculate the potential of a infinitely long cylinder of radius a which has constant charge density rho. your answer should be in cylindrical coordinates. b) how does the potential change if a cylinder of radius b < a is hollowed out of the middle so that the axis through their centers coincide. your answer should be in cylindrical coordinates. 1 of 2 assignment 4 phys 9c due april 29, 2019 c) what is the electric field created in the above scenarios? Get the answer
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) classify the following into the various parts of speech: a wolf, having a bone stuck in his throat, hired a crane, for a large sum, to put her head


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) co-current: explore the temperature and molar flow profile when there is a pressure drop in the reactor. what will be the flow rate of product when


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) coloque dois adjuntos adnominais para cada sustantivo abaixo. a) gato pegou rato. b) criança não toma suco.