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(x-13.4)^2+(y+2.6)^2=100what is its center?(_,_)what is its radius?_units Get the answer
Category: business | Author: Sagi Boris


Abraham Uilleam 55 Minutes ago

(x^2+12x+36)-(x-1)^2 x^2-4xy+4y^2 16x^2-8x+1 x^2+4x+4 4x^2+12xy+9y^2 x^2-8x-16 4x^2-16 x^2-1 x^2+6x+9 9x^2-25y^4 16x^2-8x+1


Hedda Galya 1 Hours ago

(x^4)^3=(x^3)^4 true or false 13^4 x 13^7= (13^4)^7 true or false y^5xy^0/y^3=(y^2)^1 true or false q^0xq^5/q^2=(q^3)^2/q^3


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

(xii) nh? + cl? ????nh?ci+ n? (xiv) naoh + cl? ?? nacl + nacio + h?o " (vi) ch, + 0,— co, + h,0 xviii) c?h? + o?2 co? + h?o (xx) na + h?o ? naoh + h?