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(please help) the tables show the proportional relationship between two quantities. write the constant of proportionality for each table. a table showing pairs of shoes, x, and cost in dollars, y. 1 pair costs sixty-five dollars. 2 pairs cost one hundred thirty dollars. 3 pairs cost one hundred ninety-five dollars. 4 pairs cost two hundred sixty dollars. a table showing number of hours, x, and distance traveled in miles, y. after 1 hour, fifty miles were traveled. after 2 hours, one hundred miles. after 3 hours, one hundred fifty miles. after 4 hours, two hundred miles. a table showing the number of feet, x, and the number of inches, y. 2 feet is twenty-four inches. 4 feet is forty-eight inches. 6 feet is seventy-two inches. 8 feet is ninety-six inches. Get the answer
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(please hurry there's a time limit!!) “a baker plans to make 8 cookies for each guest at a party. the letter g represents the number of guests at the


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(please hurry!) elizabeth cady stanton added authority to her declaration of sentiments by: a. imitating the language used in the declaration of inde


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(please only answer if you know the answer not think) —14 points gettysburg questions: 1. president lincoln said the united states was “convinced in l