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(please help i need this soon) write two diary entries, each from the perspective of a 19th-century woman concerned about her rights.    one diary entry should be written from the perspective of a factory worker living in the united states in the mid-19th century. write an entry in which she reflects on the status of women and summarizes what she has heard about the recent seneca falls convention. (5 points)    the second diary entry should be from the perspective of a british woman in the early 1900s who is interested in winning suffrage. write an entry in which she reflects on whether to join the national union of women's suffrage societies (nuwss) or the women's social and political union (wspu) and discusses the pros and cons of each group. (50 points) Get the answer
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(please help me) where do you think we can find the best deal on pine-straw for our lawn this year?.the bolded verb in this sentence is written in th


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(please help me, i will be posting multiple questions today btw.) part a: what the reader infer about the landlady from her conversation with billy i


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(please help meee!) a square base of a pyramid has the dimensions 5 yards by 5 yards. the height of one of the triangular faces is 12 yards. how can y