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(no links pls) for this assessment, you must demonstrate your understanding of conflict in act iii of romeo and juliet by identifying passages from the play that illustrate two different types of conflict. select two of the following characters: romeo juliet mercutio tybalt capulet nurse once you have selected two characters, look at the script for act iii. find passages that you believe accurately portray both characters' conflicts. identify whether these conflicts are man vs. man, man vs. society, man vs. nature, or man vs. self. explain your answer using proper spelling and grammar. (i just need two conflicts for juliet with evidence and a 5 sentence explanation) Get the answer
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(only two) if there is a runner at second base, the ball is hit to the third baseman and the runner begins to run to 3rd base; the 3rd baseman has to


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(p. 114): what claim does wollstonecraft assert in lines 18-37? cite the opposing viewpoint that wollstonecraft identifies in lines 43-49. how does


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(p. 490): "i am bound by the scriptures i have quoted and my conscience is 1 point captive to the word of god. i cannot and i will not retract (take