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"eat for 10 hours. fast for 14. this daily habit prompts weight loss, study finds" this is the title of an npr article about a 2019 study that recruited 19 overweight adults diagnosed with metabolic syndrome (elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure). participants were asked to restrict any eating to a period of just 10 hours each day. the study found a statistically significant reduction in body weight after 12 weeks of this eating pattern. 1. to be able to conclude that a time-restricted eating pattern causes a weight loss in this population on average, we would need to . o use a much larger sample than what this study used o collect weight-loss data on all adults, not just adults with metabolic syndrome o find a significant weight-loss difference for participants that would be randomly assigned to time-restricted eating or regular eating o collect weight-loss data on the entire population of adults with metabolic syndrome o make sure that the study found a very small p-value and check that the conditions for inference were all met Get the answer
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"elm corporation plans to invest $300 million to earn about 15% before income taxes. the company is considering whether it should raise the $300 milli


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"endangered dreams: the great depression in california:" which word best summarizes the author's description of the pea pickers camp?


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"enduring images of scandinavian warriors, wielding dane axes and ulfberht swords ... the thought of shield walls and sea battles, ring fortresses and