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"certain social classes changed in the transition from the roman republic to the roman empire." which of these supports this statement? a. marcus aurelius promoted army officers based on merit, rather than their social standing. b. hadrian put an end to rome's territorial expansion. c. trajan led an extensive public building program in rome. d. diocletian established a tetrarchy to deal with "the crisis of the third century." Get the answer
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"chinua achebe: obituary of nigeria's renowned arthur." bbc news, 22 march 2013 www. bbc. com/news/worldafrica-21896414 when using mla style, how wou


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"choose one of the following countries—japan, sweden, russia, mexico, germany, canada, china, or england—and prepare an economic report comparing the


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"chronic wrongdoing may require intervention and force the united states to the exercise of an international police power." this quote is an expressio