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"carl regretted his decision immediately. he wanted to see the school, the one he had tried so hard to save, one last time. he walked the empty halls accompanied only by the sound of his footsteps. he stuck his head into his favorite class rooms to find them bare. all the desks had been cleared out weeks ago. he looked at the marks on the floor, which were the only evidence that there were once lockers here. finally he walked into what used to be his office to find graffiti. all his hard work, and now the school was just another empty building." what kind of atmosphere does this setting create? a. none of these b. hopeful c. dangerous d. depressing reset selection Get the answer
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Sarah Aksinia 55 Minutes ago

"cassie, you know 'bout mitchell?" i asked her. "course i know about mitchell," she answered. "why're you letting him beat up on you?" "i'm not lettin


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"centinel" wrote to pennsylvania readers that the proposed u. s. constitution should secure which type of protection in the bill of rights? freedom o


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"certain social classes changed in the transition from the roman republic to the roman empire." which of these supports this statement? a. marcus aur