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(20 pts) can anyone help me? my teacher refuses to tell me the correct answer after a week and i have a test on it tomorrow :( part a a. state e. commerce i. agriculture m. interior b. defense f. transportation j. education n. hhs c. energy g. hud k. veteran affairs o. homeland security d. treasury h. labor l. justice part b 1. conduct a military draft; advise the president and congress about need for destroyers. 2. publish the latest aids research; in charge of social security and welfare. 3. crack down on sweatshops employing under-age children. 4. conduct peace talks between the u. s., israel, and palestinians. 5. provide information on the future of nuclear energy. 6. protect consumers from bad consumer products like food and over the counter drugs. 7. decide to build new federal prisons due to overcrowding. 8. fund the building of low-income housing in large cities. 9. work on the preservation of national forests for future generations. 10. decide to coin money; enforce the collection of federal tax. 11. check to see that minimum wage laws are being obeyed. 12. the president’s secret service operates out of this department. 13. study ways to improve farming methods to produce better food quality. 14. conduct studies on safety of air travel. 15. publish the latest statistics on u. s.-japanese trade. 16. department headed by an attorney general instead of a secretary. 17. publish the census every ten years. 18. conduct studies to maintain the purity of the nation’s water supply. 19. publish the latest research on solar heating technology. 20. this department is in charge of immigration to the united states. Get the answer
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(20) lot's of points short question takes 5 minutes tops!!! (and yes this is related to school work) think of someone in your family who has a strong


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(20. a sky diver opens her parachute and drifts down for 34.0 s with a constant velocity of 6.50 m/s. what is the sky diver's displacement?


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(2006) acclimatization involves physiological (bodily) adjustments in individuals to environmental conditions during a lifetime and is reversible; ge